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Pessimistic Humorist

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1. Invisible Fireworks - Local Miami Band, Unique Sound
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May 23rd, 2008

04:19 am - Siguir Hiendo.
Es que ay de toda manera de personas que vivan.
De todas maneras en las calles que designan.

El viejo enfermo que en el pasillo camina.
El hombre feo de media edad canta con su familia.
El nino de once anos con such aciones defia.

En verdad, que todo significa?

Las mujer que da su corazon por amor cada ves, y otra ves.
La madre que ensena lagrimas de triste for a haber perdido su hijo
El hombre joven que ignoranmente cree que esta seguro en su futuro.

En verdad, que todo significa?

Nos despertamos, respira, comemos, y dormimos,
Desde un lado asta distancias milles de millas.

Una pregunta.

Donde tu crees que tu existes?

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04:12 am
I've been kind of slacking off when it comes to writing. I tend to 'write' several things, but I become either distracted, or unsatisfied with them, and do not finish what I started.

For some reason though, it seems easier to write certain things in Spanish. Perhaps because certain words just seem less common, or are easier to piece together than English.

Hence, I will likely write a few things here in Spanish, doubt anyone particularly cares, but ok!
Since I don't typically write in Spanish very much, some words will likely be incorrect or not mesh well.

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May 3rd, 2008

01:17 am
A shower or bath, when tired, is like hearing a song of lyre.

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April 24th, 2008

01:25 am - Mislead.
Though it may seem strange, I was influenced by 3 bands when I thought to write this. The Blood Brothers, Rage Against The Machine, and System of a Down.

War begins with men's malicious deeds
Bureaucrats manipulating strings behind the scenes,
Often ignorant servants to their devious deeds

Who are they?!
To decide your future and of the 'enemy' you fight.
Who are they?!
To so freely decide that lives are dispensible
Who are they?!
To display such arrogance, yet cower beneath.

Your actions are heroic, but the reasons hidden from you are not!

And if you'd like,
Blame it on the weapons fire!
Blame it on the weapons fire!

And if you die! Well, they'll just
Blame it on the weapons fire!
Blame it on the weapons fire!

This hulking war machine, trembles between it's own might and trepidation
As you march on, all you can do is reaffirm your belief's, assuage your fears.

Who's to say?!
The battles are justified.
Who's to say?!
The bullets are more than meaningless instruments.
Who's to say?!
It's simply kill or be killed.

The people you fight, their names are not known!
Their cause is allured to, but nothing is sure!
They bleed and they breed, they have families in need!

So why can't everyone see?

The main difference between (that divides) us is what side of the equator we were born and live in.....(x3)
Current Music: The Blood Brothers - Set Fire To The Face On Fire

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April 16th, 2008

02:25 am - Youth.
So, I was inspired by a particular song by this band called "The Wading Girl" as I wrote this. As such, when I picture it being recited or read, I imagine it being akin to this song by the band named "Amber Waves", if curiosity strikes you, you can find the song here: www.myspace.com/thewadinggirl

Or if it doesn't load properly,

(In my opinion, it is one of the more somber songs I've heard, yet, in a heartening manner)

WritingCollapse )
Current Music: The Wading Girl - Amber Waves

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